10 Hotels Featured In James Bond Movies

1/5 APARTMENT 1303- *updated for DVD release Unfortunately Apartment 1303 did not compare as well to its original inception. I give the creators credit for a good change of pace between the main two acts but not much more. I thought Mischa Barton was terrible and her co actress was not too much better. Apartment 1303 is about a young lady moving away from her drunken mother only to move into an apartment of terror. The previous occupants all killed themselves but there was more to the tale. A young lady that was the first to die has an issue with anyone else living there. Its not a bad story and if you don’t mind subtitles I would advise you to check out the original one. There are creepy parts to the film but the acting really hurts the movie. If when watching this film you feel they are trying to replicate an asian movie in an american way then you are correct. If you never saw the original you may want to see this as there are some scary moments but asian horror purists may need to pass this up. 2/5 BLOODY HOMECOMING – Read my official review here. This is a nice little through back slasher film. It has all the elements of your favorite movies from the 80s and 70s just not the flair of them. Its not horrible by any means but mainstream fans will want to stay away. It involves a group of friends that witness a tragic accident in their freshman year only to have a killer stalk them in their senior year.

5 Movies to Watch When The World Ends Friday

5 Movies to Watch When The World Ends Friday

“Goldeneye” isn’t the hotel’s only starring role — it also appears in Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s film “Winning London.” No, we haven’t seen it either. The Langham , 1c Portland Place, Regent Street, London, W1B 1JA T; +44 20 7636 1000; from $454 per room per night Hotel Atlantic Kempinski, Hamburg, Germany Bond scrambles over the rooftop of the Atlantic Kempinski in “Tomorrow Never Dies.” Bond scrambles over the iconic, globe-adorned rooftop of the Atlantic Kempinski in “Tomorrow Never Dies,” and the hotel’s exterior also appears throughout the film. Bond, played by Pierce Brosnan, stays in the hotel’s Atlantic Suite and several scenes were filmed there. Brosnan, the director Roger Spottiswoode and Desmond Llewelyn (who played Q) all stayed at the hotel during filming. Hotel Atlantic Kempinski Hamburg , An der Alster 72-79,20099 Hamburg; +49 40 28880; from $213 per room per night Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur, India This Indian hotel doubles as Octopussy’s lair in the film of the same name, with the dining room, terrace and hotel barge appearing in various scenes. The hotel’s lily pond is also featured in the film, when Bond girl Octopussy is shown enjoying a naked swim. Local guides and staff members were used as extras. Taj Lake Palace , Lake Pichola, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India; +91 294 2428800; from $446 per room per night Fontainebleau Miami Beach, Florida In “Goldfinger,” this enormous hotel (the largest on the United States’ Eastern Seaboard) appears in the sweeping aerial shot which follows the opening credits. In the film, Bond girl Jill Masterton is found dead at the hotel after being covered in gold paint. The Fontainebleau has appeared in several other films, including “The Bodyguard,” “Police Academy 5” and “A Hole In the Head,” which starred Frank Sinatra. Fontainebleau Miami Beach , 4441 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, Florida; +1 305 538 2000; from $300 per room per night Hotel Cala Di Volpe, Sardinia, Italy In “The Spy Who Loved Me,” Roger Moore’s Bond seduces KGB agent Amasova in the piano bar. In “The Spy Who Loved Me,” Roger Moore’s Bond seduces KGB agent Amasova in the piano bar, which doubles as Bond’s hotel room. The Cala di Volpe was the first hotel to be built on the Costa Smeralda, a popular holiday spot for people who rarely enjoy the charms of hostels: Heidi Klum and Denzel Washington have both stayed at the hotel.


It turns out the end of the world is in fact December 21st. That was the rapture during which all the worthy people went to Heaven. The rest of us will now be incinereated in the fires as the apocalypse comes. Anyone else wondering why Harold Camping and his followers are still here? Any rate now you are edumacated its time to get to the movies. Ifigured what better way to welcome the apocalypse then to watch movies about the apocalypse and indulge in just how bad things could be. So with no further ado here are 5 movies to watch on Friday when yes no truly the world is really going to end this time. Dawn of the Dead You really can not talk about end of days movies and not include George Romeros original apocalyptic 1978 film Dawn of the Dead. Night of the Living Dead his first film is another great choice but Dawn of the Dead has a soft spot with me and is a film I have seen no less then 30 times. I encourage those who have not seen it to check it out especially if you are a younger film fan who has only seen the recent remake by Zach Snyder which was a quite polished take on the original but still not the movie that started it all. Pontypool Go Canada! As a Canadian it warms my heart when a really great film comes out of the great white north. Pontypool is not for everyone as it leans more to wards a more intellectual horror fan but its the story of an apocalyptic event in a small town in Ontario that unfolds as a radio DJ is on air.