Disney Concert Hall Road To Music Marks Its 10th Year

Concert to benefit restoration of Torrrington’s historic Skee’s Diner

That’s me.” Little did we know that actually would end up being her later that night. Sigur Ros’ set lasted just over an hour and a half — which is pretty long, but at the same time, way too short. I headed back up to the lawn to be with my friends for the last couple songs. Between the second to last and last song, Hula Hoop Girl runs across the lawn spinning her glow hoop around her arm. My wife and I started clapping. We weren’t clapping to be mean. We were clapping because she was filled with joy, we were filled with joy, and clapping just seems like the appropriate thing to do when you’re filled with joy. (That is, if you don’t have a hula hoop in your hand.) Hula Hoop Girl smiles at us and comes prancing over. My wife throws her hands in the air in jubilation. In a single motion, Hula Hoop Girl puts her hoop over my wife’s arms, down her body, and back up and over again. She crowned my wife. Then, just as quickly as Hula Hoop Girl approached, she left, galloping away into the night. I love Hula Hoop Girl, whoever she is.

Why Being Crowned with a Glowing Hula Hoop Is Like Going to a Sigur Rós Concert (Photos)

Now, I dont think a single in person in L.A. would change a single molecule of it, Lavin said. I think that its a real piece of evidence of the importance of good architecture to the city. When Borda was brought into the Phil in 2000, there still was very little vision of how the hall would be used. One of her first decisions was to delay the opening by 10 months. It is absolutely critical that when the Hall opened, it was to be completely prepared, she says. The three days of opening galas proved to be an immense and unprecedented success in the classical music world. But the Phils president is quick to note that before the glamour parties, there was a week of free concerts for kids, teachers, volunteers, seniors and those who worked on the hall some 18,000 people in all. Our commitment is to be an important intersection between the artistic imperative and the social imperative, says Borda. That has been evident in the last decade by the Phils sponsorship of educational outreach programs and YOLA. Along the way, the organization has also become better off financially. Weve had a strong but balanced budget since 2003, says Borda. You cant have a healthy artistic institution if you dont have a healthy financial plan to back it up. Disney Hall is also a key component in the very complicated ongoing revitalization of downtown, says Alexander. Disney Concert Hall really embodies the civic aspirations of L.A.

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Register Citizen File Photo By Morgan Skovich, For The Register Citizen Posted: | Updated: 9 hrs ago Volunteers work to restore the inside of the historic Skees Diner, which the Torrington Historic Preservation Trust plans to install back in the city once renovations are complete. Contributed photo TORRINGTON >> A live concert will be held Saturday night to raise money for the continuing restoration of Torringtons historic Skees Diner. The Torrington Historic Preservation Trust will hold the fundraiser at 7 p.m. at P. Sams Bar and Grill , located at 1301 Torringford West St. Doors open at 7 p.m. and at 8 p.m. Brown, a four-person rock band, from Harwinton will perform. During the bands intermissions, a presentation will be held showing the progress of Skees transformation and the warehouse where its occupying. Were still working with the city, working closely with the mayor on a new location for the diner we basically have an agreement in principle to potentially structure a lease in the city next to the Torrington library, in the municipal parking lot, said Edward Cook, president of the preservation trust and organizer behind the rebuilding of Skees Diner. Before the 1955 flood there was a diner there before the Torrington Grill. The treasured Skees Diner was removed from the city this past April and has been set in a large warehouse so it is out of the weather and can be examined and worked on without distractions from outside sources. Restorations have been going well, said Cook. Weve removed the panels, removed some of the inside structure because were just trying to get it down to the base frame to check the conditions. After the assessment was completed, the diagnosis was that the diner needs woodwork, metal work and tile work as part of the renovations. We need money to do that, said Cook, and this is the biggest fundraiser so far. Cook noted though that donations have been being made by a number of individuals from town – everything from $10 to $3,000, and that its nice to see that outreach. This could take a couple of years, nothing is set in stone but were not rushing, said Cook. Its a labor of love and we want it done properly because itll be good for the town by revitalizing Torrington and bring a little bit of a tourism attraction. Other fundrasing events have also been in the works.