Miley Cyrus Rallies Her Fans To Get Out The VMA Vote With Inspiring Ratchet Message: ‘Stay On Yo Toes Hoes’

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So far, we’ve peeped her killer subway dance party VMA promo spot and found out that we’ll get to watch her perform live (!!!) straight from the Barclays Center on August 25. If that wasn’t ENOUGH awesomeness, we also caught up with Miley during her VMA shoot to get all the deets on her outfit, those ‘dorbs onesies she can’t stop wearing , and, of course, her (many!) grills. Her stylist, Simone Harouche, already dished on her “We Can’t Stop” -inspired crop top and shunderwear ensemble, but we wanted to hear about the outfit straight from the source. She said, “You can just mix white trash and Chanel, that’s me. That’s my ultimate look. Pretty much everything is weird bondage stores except obviously my jewelry–gotta keep it classy with Chanel. I wear a lot of jewelry during the day, so I pretty much just come with my own jewelry, and give me some underwear to wear with it, and I call it a day.” *bows down* When it comes to her grills, Miley said she has three with her at all times. “One Lil Jon style, one more Beyonce style cause she has one with vampire teeth. Mine kind of have vampire teeth, but they have a space so it’s my classy, dainty one. And then I have the plain gold when I’m trying to be chill, and I don’t want to be too in your face.” We already know that her onesie game is SUPER on point, but she said that Tigger is her go-to steez. “I have a hippo, which my boyfriend thinks is really sexy. So when I come downstairs it’s Hungry Hungry Hippo, and I just go and smash everything and eat everything in sight.” Um, that’s amazing.

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I mean, the OPTIONS! It’s not exactly like deciding whether you’d like fries or salad with that burger, you know? But just so you and everyone else is up to speed, here’s where the 2013 MTV VMA Best Song Of The Summer voting stands: Miley Cyrus and One Direction are NECK AND NECK for the big prize. Ya hear me? Miley’s ” We Can’t Stop ” is riiiiight behind One Direction’s ” Best Song Ever .” But is Milers worried about a lil’ competition? NOPE! She rallying like a pro on Twitter to get her Smilers voting! Posting a hilarious/ratchet/perfectly Miley message to Twitter yesterday, Our Lady Of The Eternal Twerk captioned the above photo , “STAY ON YO TOES HOES! #wereback #votemiley.” Uh, DONE AND DONE. I mean, we’re not ones to play favorites ’round here (we love everybody and everything too much!), but you really gotta admire Ms. Miley (and her VMA Twerk Team ) for her enthusiasm. So, wait, why are you still reading this? Get out there and VOTE !

Liam Hemsworth-Miley Cyrus Twerky Romance: Promises Singer Made to Aussie Fiance to Keep Love Alive [PHOTOS]

“She’s totally in love with Liam. Miley even quit Twitter for a while because it was causing so many fights, the source said, according to HL. But love indeed, conquers all and the celebrity couple managed to iron out their differences , a bit of a compromise ensued since Miley cant be tamed being a social media magnet. The source noted, But she couldn’t stay off [Twitter] so she ended up promising him that she would never post about their personal life and she’s been pretty good about that.” RELATED: Liam Hemsworth-Miley Cyrus Twerky Romance: Why Paranoia Star Disapproves of Girlfriends Tweets [PHOTOS/VIDEO] Full article here. Miley Cyrus Bored of Pixie Crop, Reveals Secret of Helping it Grow; Liam Hemsworth Loves Short Hair [PHOTOS/VIDEO] Full article here. Liam has never faltered with his feelings for Miley, too. He was reported taking a break from Miley early this year and he went back to his native home in Australia, then a trip to Asia for almost two weeks. When he got back to L.A., he went straight to the love nest he shares with Miley. “Liam does love her. It’s hard to tell if he’s madly in love with her because he’s not the type of guy that does the big romantic stuff, but he is there for her when she needs him, so that says a lot, the unnamed source added. They say opposites attract and that’s true but it can also work against them.

CHECK OUT: What is Miley Cyrus’ Favorite Modeling Pose [PHOTOS]

From a demure belle who had long hair and wore floral dresses in her Hannah Montanna days, the 20-year-old is changing to an in-your-face, crotch holding, rock star with a pixie cut! She will continue to transform in the coming years too as she is quite young. However one thing that hasn’t changed about her is – her favourite pose! Guess what could be the signature pose for most of her photographs, be it Twitter selfies, famous photographer’s studio shots, award winning pictures or even the cover art of her album? No it’s not holding her crotch (though the frequency of pictures that has appeared of Miley in this pose recently is many) or giving an expression of exclamation. You will be surprised to know that Miley loves to get clicked with her tongue sticking out! The gesture of sticking out one’s tongue has many implications ranging from being rude, sexy, showing disgust or even acting playfully innocent. Miley seems to depict most of these moods in her pictures. Maureen O’Sullivan, a psychology professor at the University of San Francisco who studies nonverbal communication told New York Times in an earlier interview, “The mouth is a sexual orifice from a young age.” “It’s like the eyes,” she said. “An eye gaze can be aggressive to an enemy, but eye gaze can also be the height of intimacy.” Her latest tongue-selfie on Twitter is where she licks an MTV Moonman trophy. “It’s going to be super-dope when I win my VMA, my Moonman, ’cause one, I already made out with him, so now he has to go home with me,” she told MTV in an interview. Looks like Miley’s tongue sticking in this image of MTV Moonman trophy implies she is confident of her work and does not brood about who will win or not. “I don’t think about my competition,” Cyrus says.

Hairstylist Chris McMillan Talks Helping Miley Cyrus Grow Out Her Pixie Cut

Perrie Edwards: Whose Engagement Ring Do You Like More? Whitby, Getty Images Wedding bells are chiming! Some of our favorite pop stars are getting hitched, and we couldnt be more excited. While we wait for details of the nuptials and pictures of the dress, well be oogling their seriously sparkly engagement rings. Miley Cyrus has been engaged to Liam Hemsworth since 2012, but Little Mix s Perrie Edwards showed up at One Direction s This Is Us London premiere flaunting a rock on her finger. Theres no doubt that both of these sparklers are stunning, but whose engagement ring is your favorite? Mileys 3.5 carat diamond is set in gold with a unique floral motif.The center stone is extra special its a vintage diamond dating back to the late 1800s!Its a contemporary design based on vintage aesthetics, the rings designer, Neil Lane, told People . The light flashes and sparkles no matter where Miley moves her hand. Jason Merritt, Getty Images Were still waiting on details about Perries engagement ring, but we cant take our eyes off the jewelry! Its clear 1Ds Zayn Malik knew what he was doing when he picked it out. The ring has three diamonds set on a silver band and looks stunning on the singers hand. Tim P. Whitby, Getty Images Okay, youve seen both of the sparklers. Which is your fave?

Miley Cyrus vs. Perrie Edwards: Whose Engagement Ring Do you Like More?

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21, 2013 11:57 AM PDT Loading… Jason Merritt/Getty Images Looks like Miley Cyrus is indeed sending her pixie cut packing! The short-haired gal recently opened up to Fashion Police about growing out her cropped do with the help of Viviscal hair growth pills and perhaps a few well-placed extensions. And now it seems she’s turning to the pros for help too, calling on celebrity hairstylist Chris McMillanas in the guy who gave the former Hannah Montana star her pretty pixie last summerto help her sort out her evolving strands. NEWS:Miley Cyrus goes couture in Harper’s Bazaar, talks fashion evolution and fave designers Instagram “We’re growing it out,” Cyrus’ hairstylist told E! News. “Up and over is the new direction. We’re keeping it short on the sides and back until the top gets longer. Very Madonna first album cover.” That’s right, Cyrus will rock a throwback style that channels Madge’s short yet voluminous style from her self-titled 1983 debut album. We’ve seen similar looks from Cyrus before, the sassy singer walked the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards’ red carpet with a pumped up pompadour with close-cut sides, and she’s been known to experiment with textured faux hawk styles ever since McMillan chopped her hair last August. VIDEO: Miley Cyrus exposes major skin And though Cyrus told E! News “you will never see me with long hair again” earlier this year, we can’t say we’re completely surprised that the she is shaking things up with a new look.

ROLL CALL: Miley Cyrus’ New Vitamin Kick

“I’m secretly tugging on it every night,” Miley said, adding that she’s even taking a hair growth vitamin. “And taking Vivisca, I’m not going to lie.” Adding, “But I’m going to rock it while I have it.” When her hair grows a little bit longer, Miley could quickly add some length. “I love a good weave,” she said, explaining that her hair is currently too short to wear one. PHOTOS: Miley Cyrus’ New Pixie Cut Taylor’s Jam Joke: Taylor Swift is still finding the humor in her 2009 VMAs Kanye West interruption. The singer’s tourmate, Ed Sheeran, shared a gift that Taylor gave him – which included a Kanye jab. “Taylor made me some jam. Amazing,” he said posting a shot of a jam jar . The jar’s label read, “Yo Ed, I’m really happy 4 you and I’m gonna let you finish but this is the best JAM OF ALL TIME — T.” See Taylor’s jam for Ed! Beyonce Reportedly Spent How Much On Chicken!?: While on tour in England, Beyonce reportedly dropped over $2,000 on chicken! Check out the receipt (which we’re assuming included food for her tour crew and entourage) for 58 wing platters, 48 whole chickens, 12 veggie burgers, 24 coleslaws and 24 rice dishes! PHOTOS: Beyonce — We Always Like What We See! How Does Selena Gomez Recoup From Touring?: Selena Gomez is only five concerts into her “Stars Dance” tour, and the young star is needing double ice packs!