Nfl Taking Methodical Approach To London Question — For Now

London police use super recognizers to fight crime

He can be the whole package. He’s got it.” Now Miller must prove it on the field; he can show how far he’s come when he returns from a sprained MCL against the Badgers. Extra point The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ big move this week was, without question, an implicit endorsement of Mike Glennon ‘s progress through five months as a pro. But don’t mix things up: This is as much about what Josh Freeman didn’t do, and it’s not even about the fifth-year Buc living up to his billing as the franchise’s hood ornament. Debate: Fallout from Bucs’ QB change JoshFreeman’s out, rookie MikeGlennon’s in. What does this quarterback change mean for Tampa Bay? Let’s debate! READ Greg Schiano and Co. view their team as one capable of having a top-flight run game and a smothering defense, and with that makeup, they don’t believe they need a superstar under center. A game manager would do fine. And Freeman, with his putrid completion percentage, certainly isn’t that. The hope is that Glennon can be. One AFC college scouting director believes Glennon “definitely” can fit the bill there because of his decision-making ability. “From what I saw,” the college scouting director said, “he was pretty polished.” If Glennon can grow, that will be even better for the Bucs.

Maybe that word best explains why it’d be insane for the Redskins to bench RGIII now. One noted orthopedic surgeon with knowledge of RGIII ‘s injury said not only was it worse than Adrian Peterson ‘s, but it would be particularly challenging for a right-handed quarterback, because the torn LCL is “on the side of the knee you’re driving off of.” The surgeon said Griffin “doesn’t get his feet set, he doesn’t drive off his right leg, and he looks more comfortable on the move, maybe because that’s where he feels safest.” In any case, Griffin’s struggles hardly are unusual for a player returning from injury. And seeing game action is the only way to push the process forward. “Bottom line, he’s got to go through this last part of it,” the surgeon said. “The only way to do it is at game speed. And it’s much harder for a guy standing in the pocket with chaos around him to get comfortable than for a guy like Adrian, who knows where he wants to run, what hole he wants.” So sitting Griffin really won’t help him get back to where he, or the Redskins , ultimately need him to be. Three checkdowns 1) Peyton accustomed to holding the line. Ryan Clady’s season-ending foot injury shined light on an interesting contrast in Tom Brady and Peyton Manning , from a legacy standpoint. Just as Brady always has dealt with a revolving door at the skill positions, in the recent past, Manning’s offensive lines always have seemed to be in flux. 2) Archie Football? Last week , I had a few evaluators compare Johnny Manziel to Jeff Garcia. After watching “Book of Manning,” I think Archie Manning might be the better comparison.

NFL’s future in London, Joe Philbin’s winning ways and more

Neville started the super recognizer unit after realizing the police had no system for identifying criminals based on images, unlike those for DNA and fingerprints. The unit proved especially valuable after riots hit London in the summer of 2011. After the violence, Scotland Yard combed through hundreds of hours of surveillance video. So far, there have been nearly 5,000 arrests; around 4,000 of those were based on police identifications of suspects from video images. The super recognizers were responsible for nearly 30 percent of the identifications, including one officer who identified almost 300 people. A facial recognition software program made only one successful identification, according to Neville. Weeks before the Notting Hill Carnival, the biggest street festival in Europe, kicked off last month, the super recognizers were given images of known criminals and gang members. After the carnival began, 17 super recognizers holed up in a control room to study surveillance footage and spot the potential troublemakers. Once targeted people were identified, police officers were sent to the scene as a pre-emptive strategy. Neville said that likely prevented some crimes like thefts and assaults. Neville said one super recognizer saw what he thought was a drug deal, but wasn’t sure. The next day, the super recognizer saw the same person and when police intervened, they found the suspect with crack cocaine. He noted that the officers aren’t infallible and that their identification is only the start of a case, after which police start looking for other evidence. Legal authorities warned it could be problematic to use super recognizers as expert witnesses in court, such as in situations where they identify criminals based on an imperfect image. “Unless we subject them to (rigorous testing), then we are just taking their word on trust and we have no reason to do this,” said Mike Redmayne, a law professor at the London School of Economics.