The U.s. Is Still Lonely At The United Nations


The United States has contributed significant resources to help address the humanitarian crisis, far more than any other nation. This gives the U.S. delegation, led by Deputy Secretary Bill Burns, even greater standing to use this high-level meeting to: 1) advocate strongly for access to protection for Syrian refugees; 2) encourage other donors to increase their contributions to assist Syrian refugees; and 3) make a firm commitment to increase its own resettlement of Syrian refugees to the United States. This special session follows a meeting earlier this month between the U.N. Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and ministers from Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, and Lebanon the countries that, along with Egypt, host around 97% of the more than two million Syrian refugees registered by UNHCR. Syrias neighbors have responded generously to the crisis by taking in hundreds of thousands of refugees. But some have introduced stricter border policies that have blocked refugees fleeing Syria from accessing international protection.These kinds of restrictions and border closuresare inconsistent with international human rights and refugee protection obligations. Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, and Egypt have each at some time placed restrictions on access to protection such as: closing a border crossing ; restricting the number of refugees who can cross each day ; refusing to allow Syrians without identity documents to seek asylum; denying entry to specific populations such as Iraqi refugees or Palestinians who were living in Syria; or introducing new difficult-to-fulfill visa requirements. As more Syrian refugees travel beyond the region in search of protection into Europe and North Africa , many have been denied entry or have been detained, and in some cases deported . While states may have different reasons for placing restrictions on entry, these should not result in refugees being denied international protection. The United States should work with these states to help address their concerns but make it clear that access to protection must not be compromised. The United States has been the largest contributor of humanitarian aid in response to the Syrian crisis. On Monday, President Obama announced an additional $339 million to support the humanitarian response inside Syria, in addition to the aid for refugees. At next weeks meeting in Geneva, the United States should continue to praise Syrias neighbors for hosting vast numbers of refugees and should encourage other donors to increase their contributions.

ideal point (around 2 on the scale in the figure).As shown below, the average change in the position of countries between the last four years of the George W. Bush administration and the Obama administration is 0 (-.02, actually). During Obamas tenure, some countries moved closer to the U.S. ideal point, most notably Nauru (score that one for U.S. diplomacy!). But others shifted further away, including Ecuador, Nicaragua and Bolivia; presumably because of domestic political changes. Most countries pretty much stayed where they were. What accounts for this? Some may simply argue thatthe rest of the world is morally decrepit and the United States is not (or vice versa). But there are some alternativetheories. The first is that domestic interest-group politics holds American foreign policy hostage. Between 25 and 30 percent of contentious votes in most years revolve around Israel.

Safeguarding privacy in the United States

1:11-CV-483 (W.D. Mich.), relating to CERCLA liability at the Kalamazoo River Site (the “Site”). The Court found that NCR is liable as an arranger under Section 107(a)(3) of CERCLA for sales of PCB-containing carbonless copy paper (CCP) broke, at least as of March 1969. PCB-containing CCP was produced from approximately 1954 to April 1971. NCR is one of a number of Potentially Responsible Parties at the Site. The Court did not determine NCR’s share of the overall liability or how NCR’s liability relates to the liability of other liable or potentially liable parties at the Site. If NCR were to be found liable for any costs with respect to the Kalamazoo River, it would have claims against Appleton Papers Inc. (now known as Appvion, Inc.) and B.A.T Industries p.l.c. under a 1998 cost sharing agreement and associated arbitration award and judgment. NCR respectfully disagrees with the Courts conclusion. NCR believes that the decision of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin, in Appleton Papers Inc. v. George A.

United States District Court for the Western District of Michigan issues decision in Phase I of Kalamazoo River Case

Such language echoed the language and spirit of the Privacy Act of 1974 , a law enacted in the shadow of Watergate. The first two agencies to voluntarily adopt this privacy-impact assessment approach were the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The privacy-impact assessment was made applicable to all executive-branch agencies through the E-Government Act of 2002. These events obviously predate Sept. 11, 2001, and the terrorism threats we now face. Under such circumstances, the democratic ideals that safeguard the privacy of our citizens are most tested. The solutions were in place and can easily be resurrected through conscientious, responsible implementation. Mr. Raul is right: There is a need to act now. Peggy Irving, Arlington Charlene Wright Thomas, Fort Washington The writers were, respectively, privacy advocate and deputy privacy advocate at the Internal Revenue Service from 1999 to 2002. This problem may seem minor compared with the issues raised by Alan Charles Raul, but its one of my oldest pet peeves: In pretty much every medical office Ive ever been in (Im 68), including my own workplace for 33 years, the office phones are answered by a receptionist in the waiting room where all those waiting can hear the conversation. I spoke to every boss I ever had; each agreed with me, but nothing ever changed. My idea is simple: Have the phone answered in the back, where patients cant hear, and have the receptionist type when not receiving clients. Is that so hard?